Final road to eyeos 2.0

2nd UPDATE: We know we are delayed. We want to ask you some extra patience: If we have not released anything yet is because we want to present something stable and powerful. Those of you who have been testing the private server have reported dozens of bugs, especially related to the lack of feedback that the system gives to the user. This feedback has pushed us to decide to wait a few more days for the first release. We’re working hard on that , and we’ll continue non-stop until we’re done.

The first public beta will be out in a few days. Please do understand us. We’re creating something big , for everybody, and made from scratch. After 6 months working on 2.0, we have decided to wait to have it really ready than releasing it earlier. It will be free and Open Source. And we’re the first ones to wish to release it.

The public presentations in Barcelona, Madrid (Spain), United States, Germany and France will be announced soon.

UPDATE: We’ve done the first update on the beta server. On monday the first beta will be released for download and the server updated again. Please note that the estimated release time will be 7pm Spain time.

The update enabled new features:

  • Ability to create work groups
  • Spreedsheets has been updated with new functions from the toolbar
  • Documents is now linked to the FSI and opens and saves in its own format, which can have bundled images and media.
  • Its possible to share files from eyeFiles with other users. To do it: add an user from People and wait him/her to accept you. Share the files you want with those users. They can double click your contact from People and eyeFiles will open with the title “Files shared from X” where X is the user.

Before starting to talk about eyeos 2.0 we must take a minute to thank the whole eyeos community for the enormous support received during the last weeks of December. The eyeos official communities have been created successfully in 5 continents and are already working hard, and people from all around the world is waiting for eyeos 2.0. And we’re doing our best to make the 2.0 release the best release of eyeos ever.

eyeOS 2.0 release dates and information

We’re opening today a private test site thought for everybody willing to help on the testing process for eyeOS 2.0. This private site will be opened to the official communities leaders today, and to everybody in the eyeos community on monday. The test server will have all debugging features enabled and we’ll be activating/deactivating different modules during the next week. Please do not expect to see the final version since during the first testing week we’ll be activating and deactivating different applications to focus the testing efforts on different parts of the system.

Everybody who wants to help on this process, please send a mail to Jordi Collell ( We will be sending the invitations during the next week, and everybody testing will be invited to a mailing list to coordinate the testing efforts.

The first general available, open source release of eyeos 2.0 will be on January 11th, after all modules will have been activated on the test server and the important bugs found have been fixed. From January 11th to January 18th we’ll open a public preview server and everybody will be able to test, play online and/or download and install the eyeOS 2.0 release candidate. We’ll work hard during that week to fix everything detected during those days.

Finally, the final release (eyeOS 2.0.0 final) will be done in January 18th, and eyeos 2.0 will be officially presented in Barcelona (January 19th), Madrid (January 21st-25th, still to determinate) and somewhere in the US on February. All community leaders will be invited to organize and coordinate events on their countries and territories around eyeos 2.0 presentations.

But I was expecting to see eyeos 2.0 today…

We know the best would be to release 2.0 final today, but we have choosen to have a 2-week period (1 week of private controled testing and 1 week of public testing) because eyeos 2.0 has been rewritten from scratch, and a lot of test will be needed. The main purpose is to release a great 2.0, and this is what we all are working for.

But as we understand that some people not interested in testing would like to see eyeos 2.0 working, we’ve prepared a video of eyeos 2.0 working. Note that with the final release there will be another video showing everything about 2.0 (including collaboration in real time in eyeDocs, the mail client, calendar and more.). Enjoy it!

75 Responses to “Final road to eyeos 2.0”

  1. phoku says:

    If you don’t like the wait then i suggest the following:

    1) go buy the software you need

    2) go write it yourself

    otherwise, be patient and supportive of the work they are doing and will be giving to you free. free as in free beer. if they want your help, they will ask. till then, let the cooks have the kitchen and let us wait in patient anticipation of the product to soon come forth.

  2. h3n says:

    @phoku: i disagree.
    whether the software is free of charge or not is not important. open source related people don’t want free beer. they’d like to have open software. and open as in: you’re invited to participate in the development process.

  3. Bogdan says:

    I also disagree with phoku. If they could not have had it done by now, they should’ve said it eons ago; not when everyone is anticipating the arrival, they anxiously come to the site and see that it has been delayed – by 7 days now!

  4. Marcus says:

    A promise is meant to be kept! No matter if it’s free or not.

  5. Jdev says:

    IT has been over a week since the beta launch data. Does anyone have any new info on when it is coming out. I would think that in order to get the most accurate bug information they would release a beta by now

  6. Robin says:

    Same, i understand and even respect the fact that they want to release a quality product instead of a fast release.
    However i find it somewhat “rude” that they don’t even inform us.

  7. mistermartin75 says:

    I also disagree with phoku, but if he has any free beer to share, let him tell me!

    It’s January 19th and silent as ever. Postponing once could happen, postponing twice is sloppy, postponing without any notice and having a *closed* development process at an *open* source project is lethal.

    Give us a beta, give us an RC: let us help you test, find bugs and fix bugs! We are your community, ready to help. Let us!

  8. theproducer says:

    At this point, I dont expect to see EyeOS 2.0 until sometime in Feb, probably mid Feburary.

    With nothing else to go on, it looks like they VASTLY underestimated their intended release date.

  9. Joel says:

    I am really looking forward and I am eager to present eyeos to a client as a viable option. please release at least a beta soon and let us all help you to finish it asap!

  10. Chris says:

    Any information would be nice, but seeing as we have nothing to go on, who knows when it will be released. February? March? This Summer?

  11. Bogdan says:

    Here’s a sad story:

    I bought a new VPS for my business ready to install EyeOS 2.0 on it. I bought it the day before it was supposed to come out.

    After all this wait… I scrapped my original plan, switched to Zoho Suite (they also offer virtual desktop environment).

    Good luck, eyeOS.

  12. Async says:

    Any news about eyeOS? is it still free and opensource?

  13. mistermartin75 says:

    See, that’s what you get releasing hardly any information and having a closed development process at an open source project.

    @Async: yes, eyeOS is still free and open source!

  14. Foxx says:

    I agree with mistermartin75.

    Give us a Beta or RC, we are part of the community too, surely having us all using the software looking for bugs is going to make the process much quicker than having a select group doing all the work.

  15. Silencer says:

    Please post updates as new blog posts, so we RSS readers can see them.

    There is probably no public beta yet, as there are lots of bugs still waiting to be fixed. Releasing a public beta now would maybe be too much for the devs and disappoint you guys. But so does the almost no facts info policy here.

  16. Alex says:



    This silence is devastating. I am still and will always be convinced that eyeOS 2.0 is AMAZING but please COMMUNICATE and do not cut the link with the community.

  17. Mike says:


    Thanks. ZOHO Suite looks very cool! Will now use this instead of eyeos, as I am not sure what is going on with the guys here at eyeos, but they all seem to have gone on holiday, while the world is waiting for them to deliver or at least provide an update on eyeos 2.0. I am done waiting.

  18. roman says:

    hugh? anything new? im curious too…. :)

  19. Just a few more tweaks on the code and headers (NOT to add any big company copyright, please stop flaming on that!) and we’ll release the new public SVN

  20. Georgio says:

    Tell me: Who wrote this? “reported dozens of bugs, especially related to the lack of feedback that the system gives to the user”

    I’m interested in knowing how Lack of feedback is Given to the user. And how the lack of feedback given, can be buggy!…


  21. [...] bevor die Version 2.0 des bekanntesten und kostenlosen Web-Desktop-Systems eyeOS erscheint, habe ich Ihnen zum Testen [...]

  22. For reasons unknown i’m receiving a blank page whenever i attempt to post a comment,do you know as to why its going on?i’m applying oprea web-browser

  23. Has the eyeOS system been updated yet. Is there any natural security built into the system at all, such as locks, security keys etc?

  24. Same, i understand and even respect the fact that they want to release a quality product instead of a fast release.
    However i find it somewhat “rude” that they don’t even inform us.

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