eyeos 1.9 released – eyeSync, too!

The eyeos Team is really proud to announce the availability of a new eyeos release! eyeos is available in version now and it comes with a lot improvements in nearly all parts of the system.


Finally Marvin finished a new release of eyeSync for Windows and Linux (with Mono)! It will help you a lot more than eyeSync did until now. Just download it and follow the instructions. Note: We disabled synchronisation at www.eyeos.info for infrastructure reasons!


Quite a lot translations were updated during the last weeks. You can download them from here. Much thanks to all translators, who do a really well job.
We still need translators. Please follow these instructions to help your language!

What’s new in eyeos 1.9?

Before version 1.9 all users of eyeos got the full source code including unnecessary comments and free space characters. Now your browser will get only the bytes, which you really need to run eyeos. This increases the start up time of eyeos and many applications a lot!

PHP Settings
You can run eyeos 1.9 on a server with enabled magic_quotes_* or register_globals PHP settings now. But please, remember, that both settings should be disabled for a maximum of performance!

In eyeos 1.9 we changed a lot things and one of the most visible changed parts is the default theme. Matthew Powell worked on it. You can switch to the theme defaultPlus if you want to see the new default theme plus really good extra changes.

Even eyeos 1.8 had sound capabilities integrated natively into eyeos, but now eyeos comes with real system sounds. You can deactivate them in the system preferences if you don’t need them.

A lot more!

Enjoy using our new dock!

The new eyeApps separates your applications by category.

Organize your work with miniToDo!

Create real presentations through eyeos!

Create desktop shortcuts for bookmarks.

Help content updated.

Browser Compatibility

eyeos 1.9 has a whole set of new features and finally and keeping compatibility with legacy systems is time-consuming. Because of that we do not keep compatibility with Firefox 2 and Internet Explorer 6 in eyeos 1.x from now on. We recommend you to update Firefox and Internet Explorer! By contrast compatibility to Safari, Chrome and Opera has been improved.

Download Now!

You can download eyeos from our download centre at www.eyeos.org.

Release Notes

As always we published the release notes for eyeos in the wiki:

14 Responses to “eyeos 1.9 released – eyeSync, too!”

  1. FSX says:

    Will we be seeing the Public Server updated to this?

  2. Christoph says:

    When will 2.0 be published? Dont get me wrong, is great, but i thought 2.0 will be released soon after the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona?

  3. Silencer says:

    Hi Lars and all who worked on it,
    thanx for pushing this release!
    BTW: There is a typo in the translations link (should be “wiki”).

  4. Thanks for the info Silencer. I just corrected it.

    The demonstration system should be updated soon.

  5. marc says:

    Honestly… I do not know if it is a good news. To me, it sounds like they are trying to hide the fact that they can not release any 2.0 version…

    Let make things clear: eyeOS 1.X WAS a good product and a great proof of concept. But it also showed its limits (no fine tuned sharing, no real collaboration, no easy search in the content…). These limits are now NEEDS for a real WebOS (compared to other existing products like Google Docs, ThinkFree, Zoho, Xin,…).

    So, I do not want to be insulting to all the people who worked hard on this release. I know it was a real commitment to see eyeOS 1.X still existing. But should not we put our effort on eyeOS 2.0 and stop working on an obsolete product ?

  6. marc says:

    PS: I really hope to see a eyeSync for eyeOS 2.0.

    For example, Mybooo sucks in everything EXCEPT their synchronization tools. This is, for me, the real great news for eyeOS 1.X (unfortunately not for eyeOS 2.0…)

  7. karl says:

    Will the eyeOS Virtual Box appliance also be updated? It looks like its still at

  8. GotReady says:

    Is the package repository for 1.7 and 1.9 down?
    Also, I cannot add feeds to the RSS-reader. Although it says everything is allright, it isn’t. Added feeds don’t show up in the list at left

  9. Silencer says:

    This is good news as a lot of people/institutions use eyeos 1.x and will continue to do so. 2.0 is still miles away and requires a database to function (at least at the beginning and for optimal speed).
    Although there are issues finishing 2.0, 1.x will be officially maintained until 2.0 is established. After that the development of the 1.x line will be completely community driven (if there is interest of course).

  10. [...] Pots descarregar-te la versió del centre de descàrregues, fer un cop d’ull a les notes de la release a la wiki i trobar informació adicional al blog en anglès. [...]

  11. Hifzu says:

    Stick with eyeOS 1.x guys, until 2.0 is really ready.

  12. somewhere2go says:

    Where can I download eyeSync for Linux?
    I can not find anywhere!

    Thanks in advance.

  13. Hifzu says:

    Me too, was gonna look at the code to see how it uses xml-rpc.

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